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Mission Statement


To educate and provide an opportunity for freedom of expression.
· "The Murmur Movement" serves the community by encouraging people to converse about the most important, yet least discussed, topics in their lives.
· The movement will serve multiple communities by utilizing various art forms and education forums, as a vehicle, to trigger a dialogue and further the murmur conversation.
· Our goal is to be a relationship catalyst for people to develop their own relationships through art.
Our Team

Julie S. Brandon
Board Member
Red Dog Enterprises, Inc.

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Valerie J. Schultz
Outgoing Board Member 2016 - 2018

Kathi Everett
Outgoing Board Member 2016 - 2018
Rob Brandon
Board Member
Marcia Birken
Incoming Board Member 2019
Jessie Drew-Cates
Incoming Board Member 2019
Beth Kelly Susan Donovan
Mary Lowe Stephanie Ferris

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